Network Design

Computer networks vary tremendously in terms of their complexity.  A network can be a simple as two PCs directly connected together, or as large as the Internet itself.  As these networks grow and evolve greater understanding of the underlying technology and communication is required.  Keeping computer networks running is a never ending task.  A well designed and implemented network can operate for many years without users evening realizing what happens behind the scenes.
We can help you from a networks inception with proper design and implementation for it's given function.  As your organization grows and technology progresses, we can help your network grow to support those changes.
A well thought out network design will save a great deal of money over the course of a networks operation.
We have seen issues where a poorly designed Active Directory in a Microsoft network directly resulted in hundreds of hours of additional labor, due to having to work around an uneccessary parent/child domain structure.  Your organization deserves the care and consideration of a well thought out network design.


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