Thin Client Solutions

Thin client computing, or terminal services, has many advantages.  First off, local computing power becomes much less impactive on the user experience.  This allows us to use low cost terminal clients, or even PCs that would no longer be usable in standard PC deployment.  Management is greatly lessened as the terminal server management becomes the focus.  Individual user PCs, or thin clients, become commodities that are easily configured and deployed.  Lastly, user mobility is increased.

The disadvantages are pretty straightforward.  First is the server hardware required for running a thin client deployment is a bit more expensive.  We are forced to have greater processing as well as much more RAM on the server itself.  In terms of the overall impact of a down terminal server, the effects are severe unless the solution is designed with redundant terminal server(s).  Finally, there may be some specific functions or software that are not available in a terminal server/thin client environment.

We offer and support several thin client variants, including Microsoft Terminal Servers and Citrix Meta frame.


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